About the Book & Author

About the Book

A Poet’s Journey: Faith Humor Reflections

The book contains a range of poems written over the last forty years and includes those written for children, Christians, and those readers seeking humor. Some were written to reflect current events, holidays, and life experiences as well as to try out different poetic forms.

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About the Author

This book is the author’s first publication of poetry. He has written, off and on, starting in the ‘70s because he likes the challenge of sound, meaning and structure. He is an educator who has worked in public schools as a counselor and in colleges as a Critical Thinking teacher. Being a Sunday School facilitator has occupied him over the past 10 years and he has led parenting groups in schools and prisons. In public school, he taught Driver Education. He attributes his gray beard to this last job. He lives in NH with his wife; his three children and five grandchildren live nearby. Genealogy, singing, investing and family gatherings are among his interests.

A Poet’s Journey

A Poet’s Journey